Cultivation & Harvesting Data - MobiLeaf is a valuable tool for real-time tracking of cultivation and harvesting data including plot sizes and dimensions, plot soil analyses, plant spacing information, irrigation and rainfall information, input information, crop maturity information, crop yield estimates and actual crop yields.

Compliance Data - Universal’s commitment to being a responsible participant in the communities in which it operates has been incorporated into MobiLeaf’s development. As such, MobiLeaf is able to track data related to Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), anti-corruption laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), local government regulations, social and labor issues and other social responsibility programs.

Accuracy & Efficiency - As MobiLeaf is a mobile application, farm data can be entered on-site, thereby increasing accuracy and eliminating the need to re-record data at a later time. For Universal, data collection processes which used to take weeks may now take a single day.

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